Jasmin Kuhn

Based in Los Angeles, Austrian-born Jasmin Kuhn is an award-winning commercial Director/Cinematographer with a portfolio that boasts international clients such as Avon, Dove, Olay, Head+Shoulders, Secret + L’oreal. With nearly one hundred commercials under her belt, Jasmin has gained a reputation for a clean, cutting-edge beauty style that evokes her background in fine art, celebrity, and high-fashion photography.

A graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design, Ms. Kuhn has had the opportunity to work on productions all over the globe. With a passion for travel — and a keen interest to explore new cultures — she has directed beauty campaigns in many cities across the world, among them: Moscow, Bangkok, Manila, Saigon, Beirut, Toronto. Jasmin views her camera as an extension of herself, an innate part of her being, and she is always searching for the perfect image, no matter where her work takes her.

Since her days at Art Center, she has pushed the aesthetic boundaries of movement, light, and color, which led her to develop a unique, vivid photographic style. Female beauty — paired with graphic texture design — has been the predominant driving force of her visual methodology, so it’s no surprise that a feature film she is currently developing will explore a compelling and provocative female-centric issue.

Whenever Jasmin is not shooting or traveling, you might catch her surfing a perfect wave at Point Dume in Malibu or cruising on her skateboard in Venice Beach. She is always seeking inspiration for her next project.